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Event – Nominations Tab – Business Insurance

Event – Nominations Tab

Person(s) most responsible for the development of product or service:
Company or organization originating product or service:
(350-word limit for each criterion 1-5 below.)
Write a brief description that tells the judges about the originality of the product or service. For example, is it unique, is it patented or trademarked, where did the concept come from?
Describe the product or service in terms of its relevance to core concerns of risk managers. For example, what major area of concern does it address, why is it important for risk managers to address this issue?
Explain the entry's effectiveness in solving one or more problems in the risk management process. For example, list specific strengths in risk identification, risk assessment/analysis, risk control and/or risk financing
Describe how the product or service is presented to risk managers to ensure ease of understanding and use. For example, how would a person not familiar with the product or service be able to quickly grasp its main attributes?
Decribe results and objectives achieved by the entry in a risk management setting. For example, explain or quantify the effect on actual users, if known
Please provide any supporting documentation for the nomination (upload a maximum of 3 files)
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