Sean Salvas

June 25, 2020

Sean Salvas

 Phoenix-based senior market strategy lead, environmental health and safety, Origami Risk

 Phoenix-based vice president, business development, RegScan Inc.

 The environmental health and safety function is playing an increasingly critical role in many enterprises, driving demand for versatile software solutions that offer automation, facilitate enhanced collaboration, greater transparency and streamlined workflows.

 Along with my team, I will be working closely with clients to build on Origami’s current environmental health and safety portfolio to develop new solutions, features and innovations to help organizations ensure compliance and achieve operational excellence. We will strive to set new standards for EHS-related technology in innovation, usability, customer satisfaction, usage and overall functionality.

 Organizations are constantly evolving and in many cases becoming more complex in terms of their operational structure. In response, the roles and responsibilities of the environmental health and safety profession have become more diversified. EHS professionals must constantly evaluate risk, ensure compliance and safety while aligning their initiatives with evolving organizational goals and objectives. Equipped with the right technology, EHS professionals will have the tools they need to drive continuous improvement, satisfy compliance requirements, address employee safety and well-being, and make steady gains in operational excellence.

 My first experience in environmental health and safety was attending a summer research experience at Auburn University. I had the opportunity to conduct advanced ergonomics and human factors research at major automotive companies and national distribution centers. Later, I went on to pursue an advanced degree in the field and worked in government and the private sector in the aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Environmental health and safety professionals must wear many hats. Be ready to take on projects once considered the purview of other disciplines. While maintaining responsibility for health, safety and compliance, you may need to take on assignments in risk control, data science, sustainability, quality and overall operations.

 Formula 1 driver. From an early age, I’ve always been fascinated by the automotive industry and car culture. If the considerable requisite resources were available and I had a team backing, there would be nothing more satisfying than racing around Monte Carlo in Formula 1. The only question is, which team?

 Industrial engineering

 Working with my team and colleagues at Origami and collaborating with our clients to develop innovative solutions that make them more successful. Origami has a unique culture and incredibly talented people who truly care about customer satisfaction. Our team has the passion, commitment and knowledge to elevate EHS software to new levels of innovation and deliver greater value for our customers.

 I’d have to go with chicken parmesan from the local restaurant here in Scottsdale. Lots of protein, carbs and, of course, cheese!

 As someone who spent his formative years growing up working in several restaurants as a cook, sous chef, food runner, busboy, dishwasher and waiter, I’d have to go with “Kitchen Confidential,” by Anthony Bourdain.

 Although a little older now, I used to be a pretty fast runner in the state of Connecticut. Since then, I’ve transitioned to weekly sessions on my Peloton. I also enjoy golf, basketball, snowboarding, hiking, car shows, photography and traveling (especially Europe).

 “Ozark,” on Netflix. When is Season 4 coming out?

 Lately, I’ve been doing house projects and landscaping, but when college football season is back, I’ll be watching Auburn football.



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