Matthew Kahn

 Washington-based commercial division director, RCM&D

 Washington-based mid-Atlantic real estate practice leader, Marsh LLC

 The insurance industry’s outlook is very much tied to the outlook of the overall economy. Right now, like so many others, we’re hoping for a swift end to the pandemic.

 To help demonstrate the firm’s commitment to putting the clients first in all that we do. I will work to help further enhance the strong existing culture of quality client service.

 Major challenges facing the industry include our ability to quickly and effectively address emerging risks. We are on the front lines of helping clients avoid, mitigate and transfer risk. As an industry, we have a great understanding of the traditional risks that can negatively impact businesses, but it’s just as important we are able to anticipate and address new and emerging risks. … The industry as a whole has been slow to embrace new technology, but in recent years has made great strides. … Insurance typically isn’t the first industry young people set their sights on. However, those in the industry understand that insurance can provide an incredibly rewarding career and it’s critical that we deliver this message in order to attract talent to replace the large number of people expected to retire in the next five to 10 years.

 My first job out of college was working in an entry-level position for the CIMA Cos. Inc. I spent the first few months photocopying insurance policies.

Be patient, work hard, be kind and everything else will fall into place.

 Real estate developer. I’ve had some great developer clients over the years and I’ve always been intrigued by the work — even a bit envious at times. However, my recent attempt to build a bike ramp for my sons confirmed that I have no business working in design and construction.

 Finance and marketing

 The opportunity to learn from my colleagues, including co-Division Director Bill Kable, who has been with the firm for more than 40 years and is greatly respected throughout the firm and the industry.

 My wife’s Italian stuffed peppers and tomato salad

 “Fall of Giants,” by Ken Follett

 Riding my bike, reading, playing cards with my family

 “Game of Thrones”

Hang out with my wife and two sons



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