Dana Lodge

 New Jersey-based chief financial officer, Everest Insurance Co.

 New York-based senior vice president, director of finance, Sompo International Holdings Ltd.

 The outlook is strong. The current coronavirus public health crisis will have an impact on the insurance industry in the short term, but economic activity will return and those who are well-capitalized will be able to work through this. During this crisis, the industry can and will play an important role in providing liquidity to our insureds, especially those in the small business sector — whether it is revised premium payment plans or quick claims payments that do not stop during stay-in-place orders.

 I’m looking forward to leveraging all of the information and experience I have gained over my career and applying it to help build out an international finance function that meets the strategic initiatives of the company.

 The finance department within the insurance industry is usually an area of underinvestment during the initial growth years. By the time a green light is given for investment, processes could be very outdated and unable to keep up with the current growth of the business.

 I was an intern student working at Ernst & Young in Toronto and worked on the annual audit for Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. in Canada. That was my first introduction to insurance.

Anytime I have a chance to be in front of a young person just starting in the industry, I tell them to learn as much as they can before settling in one area.

 I think it would be fun to tap into my creative side and be a hair dresser.


 I’m looking forward to meeting team members in person. I started my new position a day before the company mandated work-from-home orders.

 As a once-in-a-while treat, a good medium-rare steak.

 My favorite book is “Judgment Days” by Nick Kotz. It provides a look at the relationship between Lyndon B. Johnson and Martin Luther King Jr. right after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and how the two had to see past their differences in order to work together to pass the Civil Rights Legislation in the 1960s.

 I enjoy bike-riding and hiking.

 With the current stay-in-place orders, I have been exploring Netflix and have really enjoyed catching up on “Schitt’s Creek.”

 With a 3-year-old, my weekends are usually filled with doing crafts and playdates.



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